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FakeNews Fanart
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Admit it. Your algebra notes are covered in doodles of Ed Helms. Your cubicle is lined with sticky notes depicting Jon Stewart confessing his undying love for Stephen Colbert. Or maybe you've got a top-secret oil painting of John Oliver in the works.

We're not judging you. We're encouraging you. Because we're exactly the same (well, maybe not about the oil painting thing, but to each her own obsessive hobbies).
The Rules

- This is a fanart community for The Daily Show and The Colbert Report and all those involved. Please try to keep said fanart on topic. If your artwork does not include at least one member of the TDS/TCR casts, you will be asked to remove the post. Art of TDS/TCR actors in other roles are permitted, so long as they are clearly labelled.
- Slash, gen, het, portraits, comics, all art of all styles are allowed. However, there are quite a few communities out there for icons, friends-only banners, wallpapers, "___ is love" banners, and so on. Please do not post graphics of that nature here.
- BASHING IS NOT ALLOWED. If your comments are cruel and insulting, there will be consequences. Constructive criticism and "THIS SUX LOLZ!" are not the same thing.
- Don't hotlink or steal art.
- Don't iconify/make graphics of someone's art without permission from the artist.
- Please don't change your font style in order to get people to look at your post. If your font is size 18 and Fireball Fuchsia, everyone will hate you. It's true facts.
- When posting, please include at least the following information:

(Disclaimer by timebound.)

- Disclaimers = our friends.
- Know who else are our friends? LJ-CUTS. THEY ARE NOT OPTIONAL. A small thumbnail may be included as a preview, but all art must be behind a cut, lest our browsers implode and cause black holes that will suck us in and leave us in limbo. LJ-cut, for the sake of humanity.
Of Note:

- Rumors state that the infamous THEY prowl the series of tubes like you wouldn't believe. If you're afraid your art might wind up at the hands of the slightly-creeped-out pundits, f-lock your posts.
- All posts can be found in the memories and are organized by artist.
- All entries are tagged; a list of these tags can be found here.


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